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By on January 14, 2022

The Impossible: Our First Full-length Documentary

When we were in Pemba we attempted the impossible.
A global pandemic raged on with lockdowns and restrictions in the 8th most undeveloped and poverty-stricken country in the world. We were living in an active war zone with terrorism and over 700,000 displaced people, all while I was pregnant in my 3rd trimester and with a 2-year-old.
There, with all these challenges James and I attempted to film our first full-length documentary. By ourselves…
(Oh and did I mention my glasses were held together with sticky tape the whole filming process and my tummy was so big I couldn’t reach my toes to do up my sandals?!)

Sounds like a joke, doesn’t it? But that’s what we did.
Without a crew or fancy equipment. No budget, just a desire to share the voices of those who were being silenced and stories untold.  Jesus was moving in the darkness of the horror and shining hope and light… and we wanted to capture it.

This will be the first documentary we have filmed, directed, edited, and produced. It’s a huge project and we are hoping to complete it in the next few months.
The premier release will be in April/May in the USA with a possibly sneak preview in our hometown Devonport, Tasmania before we head to America.


Going to Honduras to film Darren Wilson’s next movie…
Having seen some of our work for Iris, and with our CEO Will Hart’s recommendations, Darren Wilson (the director of the movies ‘Finger of God’, ‘Furious Love’, ‘Holy Ghost’, ‘Father of Lights’) contacted James to see if he would be interested in helping shoot his next project, The God Man. In support of this next film, James will be volunteering his time for an all-expenses-paid trip to Honduras, South America, to film one of the segments for the movie. James will be gone for 10 days and without hesitation, we jumped on this opportunity.

James leaves next week, on the 19th of January. We appreciate all your prayers for his safe travels and that the team captures exactly what they envision.

You can find out more about Darren and his Films here: www.wpfilm.com


What’s next for the Brewers?

Since the birth of our little boy in September 2020, we have been in Australia due to international travel restrictions. This is officially the longest we have been in one country in 6 years!

It has worked out perfectly, during this time we have been able to have a baby, do the pre-production on the documentary, shoot weddings, volunteer 2 months at the Iris Alice Springs base (another blog post to come), and see family. It’s great that our Iris work can be done no matter where we are, even if it looks different from living in our Mozambiqen home.

Our leaders in Pemba have made the security decision that missionaries with small children currently can’t return, due to the war with ISIS. We agree with this decision but our hearts grieve as we miss our African home and family.
It has been challenging for us, being so far away and leaving everything behind for a season, but God has been faithful and we have grown to appreciate and love where He has us now.

This year we will be going to America, at the end of April for the release of the documentary. There we will spend time volunteering in Nashville with the Iris Global Media Team, for possibly 3 months.

After that, we will see what happens! We will be back in Tasmania temporarily in November 2022 for photographing the wedding season (view our wedding work here), but really we surrender the details to God and continue to focus on today.… but one thing we know for sure is whatever direction we go, it will be with God, for God!



How Can I Help?

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Much Love, The Brewers.




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    Laurie-Ann Copple

    January 14, 2022

    I’m so excited about the opportunity to work with Darren Wilson! Will keep praying as we move from South Africa back to Canada to care for my frail, dementia laden dad. We will be in Toronto. I pray there will be an opportunity for Tony and I to see you both again. Sending love and prayers, L-A